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Бункеровка в порту Таганрог бункеровщик

Бункеровка в порту Темрюк бункеровщик

Бункеровка в порту Волгоград бункеровщик

Бункеровка в порту Ростов-на-Дону бункеровщик

Бункеровка в порту Азов бункеровщик

Бункеровка в порту Кавказ бункеровщик

Бункеровка в порту Железный Рог бункеровщик

Бункеровка в 451 и 455 районах якорных стоянок Керченского пролива

Bunkering in port Taganrog bunker supplier - supply vessels MGO, LO

Bunkering in port Temryuk bunker supplier - supply vessels MGO, LO

Bunkering in port Volgograd bunker supplier - supply vessels MGO, LO

Bunkering in port Rostov-on-Don bunker supplier - supply vessels MGO, LO

Bunkering in port Azov bunker supplier - supply vessels MGO, LO

Bunkering in port Kavkaz bunker supplier - supply vessels MGO, LO

Bunkering in port Zhelezny Rog bunker supplier - supply vessels MGO, LO

Bunkering at anchorage areas 451 and 455 of the Kerch strait bunker supplier- supply vessels MGO, LO

Бункеровка в Таганроге агентирование

Бункеровка в Темрюке агентирование

Бункеровка в Волгограде агентирование

Бункеровка в Ростове агентирование

Бункеровка в Азове агентирование

Бункеровка в Керчи агентирование

Бункерный рынок: Таганрог Темрюк Волгоград Ростов Азов Кавказ агентирование.

Бункерный рынок нефтепродуктов: дизельное топливо масло ГСМ ДТ MGO СМТ.

Торговля нефтепродуктами: судовое топливо снабжение декларирование.

Агентирование судоремонт карта порта навигация - бункеровка на юге России в азово-волго-донских портах таганрогский залив азовское море бункеровщик.





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Bunkering in port Volgograd.

"ROSMORTRANS" Bunkering in port Volgograd . Bunkering - supply vessels with MGO LO.

"РОСМОРТРАНС" бункеровка, судовое снабжение, агентирование в Волгограде..

The group of companies "Rosmortrans", founded in 1997, is a member of the Russian Association of Marine and River Bunker Suppliers.

During 9 years the company has been successfully operating its own tanker fleet in order to supply vessels with all kind of high-quality fuels and lubricants in all ports of Azov-Don basin. For successful activity , in both internal waterways as in river and sea ports of Russia "Rosmortrans" LTD has all necessary licenses of the Sea and River Transport Departments of Russia.

Today the group of companies "Rosmortrans" is one of the biggest operators in the market of bunkering services in the ports of Azov-Don basin. For ships’ supplying the group of companies "Rosmortrans" currently uses 16 units of tanker fleet, of which 12 tankers are their own property and 4 tankers are under operating management, this lets rapidly and qualitatively supply Russian and foreign vessels with gasoil in following ports: Volgograd, Rostov-on-Don, Azov, also rendering customs clearance services.

The group of companies "Rosmortrans" makes deliveries from petroleum refineries Oil Companies NK "Rosneft", "Yukos", "Joint Oil Group", this is a full guarantee of delivered fuels and lubricants being up to high-quality international standard and of their continuous supply in the amount required to consumers. Fuel parameters and quality are analyzed and controlled by International surveyors.

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